Member Spotlight - Liv Little

Liv is the founder of gal-dem, an online and print magazine run by women of colour, for everyone to enjoy.

What do you do, and how did you get into it?  

I studied politics in Bristol and I had always thought I was going to go into Law. I found that my writing style was a lot more conversational, I was obsessed with storytelling and documentaries. When it came to the decision of what I wanted to do I decided that through media I could communicate issues that I felt were important, especially for those that aren’t in a academic space – so I decided I wanted to work in media.

Gal-dem is a media company, it has different tiers – online magazine and an annual print magazine, facilitate events, offer consultations and work with brands. We support women and non-binary people of colour. We are addressing a massive imbalance of representation, what it means to be a woman of colour in all of its forms.

You dabble in a few projects, from content writing to editing to modelling, what would your advice be for others starting out? 

I would say take your time, hone in on your craft. I spent a year working on Channel 4’s trainee scheme. You have to really practice and really give it a shot – give yourself enough time on what you do and don’t like. You’ll be surprised by what interests you. In this industry so often things fail, you need a degree of resilience, it is a hard industry to get into but it is really important to persist.

Gal-dem have launched their first investment round, how was this journey?  

When we opened the investment round – we began by sending out the decks. It’s a interesting experience writing your business plan. I didn’t go to business school or have formal training – there are trial and errors. Make sure to know your business inside out. Gal-dem has demonstrated what we can do, so I am optimistic and excited.

 What has been your career highlight to date? 

Gal-dem’s V&A takeover – five thousand people came, there was a queue down the road. It was a physical representation of the need for what we do.  

Finally, could you give us three tips on how to launch an idea and make it into something as big and successful as gal-dem? 

– Do your research – it informs your opinion. 
– Finding the right people is so important – be diligent.
– Don’t be afraid to fail, give yourself more wiggle room!