Member Spotlight - Meg Gordon

Founder of Beached and former Vice President at Barclays

Meg has a background in communications for large listed companies. Her last role was Vice President at Barclays, which she rose to at just 26. Whilst she enjoyed the challenges her career presented, she was keen to start her own venture. So she left the corporate world to launch Beached, a range of fun, natural and environmentally-friendly products for hair and body.

Can you share the inspiration behind Beached?

On a trip back home to Australia, I sat on North Burleigh Beach, where I grew up, and felt inspired at the effortless and natural beauty of the women around me. In the UK, I noticed women tend to wear more make-up, so I wanted to start a brand that showed them they don’t need to! Beached makes natural products that bring out your natural beauty, so women can spend less time ‘making up’ and more time enjoying the things that really matter.

What has been your highlight as an AllBright member?

Meeting the Chair for Beached – Tracy De Groose. Her counsel, mentorship and networks have been invaluable to me and a real game-changer for the business. We simply wouldn’t be where we are without her.

What does sisterhood mean to you, and who’s in yours?

To me, sisterhood is all about women sticking together and having each other’s backs. I’m lucky enough to have a strong army of women around me, including Beached’s Chair, investors and Balance Me founder, Rebecca Hopkins, who mentors me. My mum and girlfriends are a big part of that army too and are right beside me every step of the way.

At 26 you became Vice President at Barclays – what advice would you give to other women looking to progress in this sector?

Make your career goals very clear to your Manager and work together to map out how you can get there. Don’t forget that developing talent is an important part of your Manager’s role too, so helping you progress will also reflect well on them.

What three words sum up AllBright to you?

Community, thrive and sisterhood.

Which are the books that have had a profound impact on your life?

Lean In by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sandberg; You Do You by Sarah Knight; The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.  

What’s a mantra that you live by?

Win the morning, win the day.