Member Spotlight - Frédérique Andréani

Frédérique Andréani - Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Good Hedonist

Tell us a little about yourself? 

I’m originally from Paris, where I studied History and Politics at university, I have now lived in London for 20 years and am a single mother of two girls. Most of my career has been in journalism, before working in events and consulting, and then in life coaching. For 15 years I was a London correspondent for various French publications covering current affairs as well as lifestyle, and also founded my own website, called Chic-Londres. I got to do many high-profile interviews, including speaking to Tony Blair, Paul Smith, and James Dyson.

I left journalism four years ago, to become a freelance consultant and event organiser for companies such as Freud Communications and Perrier-Jouët. 18 months ago, I decided to become a life coach, specialising in lifestyle changes, career conversion and relationships. I do one-to-one consultations, as well as workshops and events, and on draw my experiences from journalism to help my clients, most of whom are high achievers, who want to make lifestyle or career changes.

How did your career history and background lead you to launching The Good Hedonist?

While it was quite good fun, I really missed the personal interaction I often experienced when interviewing as a journalist, and life coaching seemed like a good option: I first experienced it as a client, and realised that I could really utilise my past experience. In the case of life coaching, there are added positive elements in the fact that you are helping people to improve their life and to get some breakthrough moments – which is very rewarding.

The Good Hedonist offers life coaching for those who want “a life well lived”, how do you balance your responsibilities and make the most of life?

I used to be chronically anxious and would worry about things that hadn’t yet happened. I’ve learnt to live much more in the moment. I believe, and that is something I say a lot to my clients, that one shouldn’t regret decisions they’ve made in the past, even if they have proven to be mistakes, because, whatever their choice, it was the right choice at the time and there’s no point regretting things that you can’t change. But you can learn from your mistakes, in order to make a better present and future for yourself.

You also have to be clear regarding your priorities: for me, being a mother has always been very important, but so has my career, not only because I worked hard to get where I am, but also out of necessity. So it has been a real balancing act, which sometimes has meant refusing some high profile positions because I would have had to travel much more. But while my children always take precedence, I also ensure that I have a fulfilling personal life: I love going out with friends, exercising and enjoying outdoors activities like water skiing.

Also, I’ve come to accept that nothing is perfect but that I am incredibly lucky to have what I have: two beautiful, healthy children, a roof over my head, some great friends and an incredibly interesting career.

What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs?

Don’t be disheartened by rejection or failure: keep going and learn from your mistakes. Put yourself out there as much as possible: as entrepreneurs, we have no other choice than to become go-getters. I sometimes feel like a hustler, but that’s the trick of the trade!

Take advice, be innovative and don’t restrict yourself too much. Something I tell my teenage girls a lot – and which also applies to budding entrepreneurs – is that they shouldn’t constrain themselves when they think about the future, but think creatively and be agile, especially in the creative industries and media, as most jobs will have evolved enormously by the time they start working, and some haven’t yet been invented.

What’s next for The Good Hedonist?

I’ve started to do life coaching workshops in private clubs and homes, and I am going to host a series of live talks with inspirational people at The AllBright, which I am extremely excited about! I’m also starting a series of interviews that will feature on my website, as well as working on some short-film ideas around the values embodied by The Good Hedonist (happiness, contentment, achievement) as my past experience as a documentary producer and director remains one of the highlights of my career.

I also aim to launch some luxury retreats in the near future, first in partnerships with boutique hotels, and then – hopefully within five years – in Corsica, where my father is from and where I’m planning to build my dream house as well as an eco-lodge offering life coaching, hot yoga and outdoors activities such as sailing and canyoning.

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