Member Spotlight -Lisa Conway-Hughes

Lisa Conway-Hughes - Financial Advisor

Tell us a little about your career background?

After a brief stint in the fashion industry, I joined financial services in my mid-twenties. I am currently a Chartered Financial Adviser and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

You have a book coming out this April – what inspired the idea?

My book is called Money Lessons and is a step-by-step guide to teach the reader all the hints and tips they need to take care of themselves financially. The book was always on my to do list, but became a reality last year when Penguin contacted me via Instagram.

It is so important for everyone to be financially literate. Being financially literate helps you to make the correct (often small) financial decisions which then accumulate to create the life you want.


Do you have any advice for getting ahead in the finance world?

I think networking both within the industry and outside is so important. It is something that I started to do as soon as I entered the industry. It helps you realise the good bits as well as what could be improved.

What are your top tips for women looking to improve their finances?

Budgeting is the foundation to good financial planning. If you get this right then there should be very few surprises. It also helps you to project forward to help you create five/ten/15-year goals to work towards.

I also think it is important to work out what you want in life. So many people save/invest/pay into a pension each month without actually thinking ‘why?’. It is much more empowering to work out what you want and from there, work out what you need to be doing financially each month/year.

Then you just need to get on with it. So many people put off financial planning because they think that they will be able to do more in the future. To benefit from compounding, you need to start as soon as possible (and know it is never too late to improve your financial situation!)

What’s next for you in your career?

I have started a podcast called She’s on the Money which is available on iTunes. Each week we break down a financial topic to show you that it is not that scary at all!

Do you have a motto or mantra you live by in your professional life?

My dad always told me as a child, “If you don’t ask. You don’t get,” and I think this is really true!